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Junoon: Sulakshna goes missing after her husband commits suicide and mother found dead (Crime Patrol Dial 100, Episode 125, 126 on 6th, 7th April, 2016)

Sulakshna, a beautiful girl gets married to an average-looking guy Sushil who loves her like anything. They are on their honeymoon where they came to spend at least 10-12 days. But something happens to Sushil and he comes back to his home very next day after they reach. When Sulakshna asks him why he is upset he does not tell her anything and says that there is something going wrong in his office so he wants to go back home.
Sulakshna is feeling very upset when they reach home. While entering home Sushil meets Sulakshna's friend who is telling him something. The next day Sushil leaves for his office and commits suicide hanging from the ceiling fan. The entire family goes into shock but no one knows the reason behind the suicide. Sulakshna goes back to her home where her mother's behavior towards her is now completely changed. Her mother locks her in a room and does not let her go anywhere. A day her friend tries to help her get out of the home but caught red-handed by Shulakshna's mother. The next day she informs this to the police. Police come to Sulakshna's house and warn her mother to not lock her again.
Sulakshna played by Simran Sharma
After Sulakshna is free, leaves for the market and when she comes back finds that she has forgotten her phone somewhere. She goes back to the market and after a few hours when she does not come, her mother also goes to find her and after that, they both go missing.

Part 1:
Part 2:

Part 1:
Part 2:

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