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EPISODES March 2022 | CRIME PATROL 2.0 | Episode 01 to 19


List of all the Crime Patrol 2.0 Episodes telecasted during Mar 2022.
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Episode 19 on 31 Mar 2022

A skilled weapons expert breaches national security by divulging classified information and secret designs to a neighboring country. Fearing dire consequences for her choices, she disappears, and the police become aware of her actions. Can they uncover the broader conspiracy at play?
the hunt
Episode 18 on 30 Mar 2022

In a city plagued by an insurance fraud scheme, elderly women, often beggars, are being targeted and murdered for fraudulent insurance claims. Can the police dismantle this criminal operation and safeguard the innocent and vulnerable victims?
Episode 17 on 29 Mar 2022

A deceitful couple establishes fraudulent companies to swindle unsuspecting individuals out of their hard-earned money. Shipra, who operates a dance class, has been absent for three days, leaving her sick daughter unattended. How will the police uncover the dark secrets lurking in Indore?
burnt alive
Episode 16 on 28 Mar 2022

A charred corpse is discovered in a warehouse, piquing the interest of the police when workers confirm that the body does not belong to one of their employees. Whose remains could they be investigating?
Episode 15 on 25 Mar 2022

A grieving mother firmly believes her son's death was not due to a heart attack but a brutal murder. However, the police dismiss her claims as they are based solely on a dream she had. Could there be any truth to her seemingly outrageous assertion?
Episode 14 on 24 Mar 2022

The kidnapping and murder of an innocent child are rooted in a series of past events. What could have transpired in the past that resulted in this tragic consequence for the young girl?
Episode 13 on 23 Mar 2022

Fishermen stumble upon two floating bodies, identified as Nisha and Disha with assistance from their parents. These parents express suspicion towards the boys who associated with the girls. Can the investigative team apprehend the culprits, or is there more to this case than meets the eye?
Episode 12 on 22 Mar 2022

The police successfully rescue a young girl and apprehend those responsible for running a sex trafficking ring. However, their investigations take a sinister turn when a man is discovered dead in an isolated area of Wazirabad. What secrets lie behind this case?
Episode 11 on 21 Mar 2022

The police are taken aback by a wave of child abductions sweeping across the city. Will they act swiftly and apprehend the culprits before more children fall victim?
i am not guilty
Episode 10 on 18 Mar 2022

Armaan forcefully enters his partner's residence, wielding a firearm and taking her hostage. As her desperate mother searches for help, Armaan subjects her to torment. Will the police arrive in time to rescue the girl from Armaan's clutches?
Episode 9 on 17 Mar 2022

A child is kidnapped, and his family is brutally attacked by a gang. Is this an isolated incident or the work of an organized criminal group?
dhruv ki kidnapping
Episode 8 on 16 Mar 2022

Dhruv, a young boy, is abducted near his home. The kidnappers use his phone to contact his parents, demanding that the police stay out of the affair. Despite feeling helpless, the father reaches out to law enforcement for assistance. Will they be able to locate Dhruv unharmed?
Episode 7 on 15 Mar 2022

Delhi police pursue a deranged man responsible for the cold-blooded murder of his doctor. However, they quickly realize that this case is far more intricate than anticipated. Can Inspector Rajeev uncover the identity of the killer?
Episode 6 on 14 Mar 2022

In Mumbai, a monstrous sex trafficking ring preys on young girls right under the nose of the police. Can the Mumbai Police dismantle this nefarious syndicate?
baby killer
Episode 5 on 11 Mar 2022

Delhi police mistakenly believe they have apprehended the notorious Baby Killer, only to have their illusion shattered when another young victim's body is discovered. Can Inspector Rajeev apprehend the real perpetrator?
Episode 4 on 10 Mar 2022

Notorious criminals Asif and Chandan manage to escape the clutches of the Bhopal police. Can Inspector Abhishek track down these fugitives and bring them to justice?
Episode 3 on 9 Mar 2022

Mumbai police are perplexed by an email sent by an immigrant named Zareen Hussain, who claims her life is in danger. Can the police locate Zareen and unravel the enigmatic mystery surrounding her?
bhasmasur part 2
Episode 2 on 8 Mar 2022

As two more girls are discovered murdered in a similar manner, Inspector Rajeev Rathod suspects that this case holds deeper complexities than initially presumed. Will he be able to solve the puzzle before more innocent lives are lost?
bhasmasur part 1
Episode 1 on 7 Mar 2022

A notorious serial murderer roams free, leaving behind a trail of death and claiming the lives of eleven innocent girls. Will the police be able to apprehend this malevolent individual and ensure that he faces the full weight of justice?

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