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Anam Anuji: Crime Patrol Actors and Actresses

Anam Anuji, a talented actress known for her appearances on the popular TV series Crime Patrol, has carved a niche for herself in the Indian entertainment industry. With a journey that began as a TikTok star before the app's ban in India, Anam has transitioned seamlessly into the world of television and social media. You can follow her on Instagram here: @anam.an555

From Teen Sitcoms to Crime Patrol Tales

Before her notable roles in Crime Patrol, Anam made her debut on the small screen in the Disney Channel's serial Palak Pe Jhalak. This Indian supernatural teen sitcom, adapted from the American series That's So Raven, captured the imagination of audiences with its intriguing storyline and vibrant characters. Anam portrayed the character Tara, one of the best friends of the protagonist Nysha Kapoor, played by Ayesha Kaduskar. Ayesha has also been a part of Crime Patrol and did few episodes between 2013 and 2016.

Episodes by Anam

Palak Pe Jhalak revolves around Nysha Kapoor, a teenage girl with psychic visions of future events, which she calls Palak Pe Jhalak. Alongside her friends and family, Nysha navigates through various situations, often leading to humorous and sometimes chaotic outcomes. Anam's portrayal of Tara added depth and charm to the series, earning her recognition among viewers.

All the episodes of this serial can be watch here on Youtube:

Anam with her Mother Reshma

Since her stint on Palak Pe Jhalak, Anam Anuji has continued to captivate audiences with her performances, particularly in Crime Patrol. Her versatility as an actress and her ability to portray diverse characters have earned her acclaim in the television industry. With appearances in various episodes of Crime Patrol post-2018, Anam has established herself as a familiar face on the show, captivating audiences with her compelling performances.

Anam and Ayesha in Palak pe Jhalak

In addition to her acting pursuits, Anam Anuji remains active on social media platforms, particularly Instagram, where she shares glimpses of her life and connects with her fans. With her talent, charm, and dedication, Anam continues to make a mark in the entertainment industry, leaving a lasting impression on audiences with each role she undertakes. As she continues on her journey, fans eagerly await her upcoming projects and performances, confident that she will continue to shine bright in the world of Indian television.

More photos of Anam can be found here:

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