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Crime Patrol | City cardiologist Sameer Bakshi's mysterious murder (Episode 97, 98 On 30, 31 March 2012)
Case 69/2017: Missing girl Hina Khan found buried in a farm (Ep 866/867 on 28/29 Oct, 2017 Crime Patrol Satark)
Bhedbhav: Bright dalit student killed over having crush with girl from upper caste (Episode 665 on 3rd June, 2016)
Human Trafficking: 17 year old Priya brought to Mumbai brothel by boyfriend Baapi (26th October, 2015)
Brother's revenge from his Sister over Property (Episode 561 on 25th Sep, 2015)
Crime Patrol | Wealthy Farmer Madhusudan Bagchi murder case (Episode 275, 276 on 27, 28 July 2013)
A game of Diabolical and Masquerade (Episode 261, 262 on 21st, 22nd dec 2013)
The Garlic Trail  (Episode 251 on 26th May 2013)
Jewelry shop worker Jagdish missing and a booty of a 700 gm Gold Bar (Episode 170 on 26 Oct 2012)
5 Year girl Shalu goes missing, father in police radar (Episode 150, 151 on 2nd, 7th September 2012)
Crime Patrol: Murder for just 50 Rup (Episode 105 on 27th April 2012)
Crime Patrol | Dowry: Man drives 4 states to dump wife's body (Episode 78 on 21 Jan 2011)
Wrist watch helps Aurangabad police to unravel Sudarshan Kamble's murder mystery (Episode 68 on 17th December 2011)
Neha Verma, Mastermind of Indore triple murder case (Episode 36 on 27th August 2011)
Crime Patrol: 8 Year Old Aashish Gets Assassinated (Episode 27 on 29th July 2011)
Abduction and killing of Sohail (Moinuddin) (Episode 17 on 24th June 2011)
Ruchika Girhotra Legacy: A Call for Systemic Reforms to Protect Victims of Sexual Crimes (Crime Patrol Sansani, Episode 78, 79)
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