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Haryana Human Trafficking: 15 Year Old Girl Seema Gets Kidnapped (Episode 51 on 21st October 2011)

Teenager Seema Kidnapping Case
Sep 2011, Delhi
This case highlights the alarming issue of adverse sex ratios in Haryana, where teenage girls are being married off after being purchased.

The story follows a teenage school girl named Seema, who gets kidnapped by a woman (played by Kulbir Kaur) while searching for her friend's house in the Seelampur area of Northeast Delhi, also known as Khjurikhas. The woman then sells Seema to a woman named Dulari (played by Kavita Vaid), who in turn sells her to a middle-aged man named Kuldeep (played by Vivek Rawat) for marriage. Kuldeep had previously left his wife after she had three abortions because he wanted a boy and she was pregnant with girls.

Online Episode on YouTube:

Online Episode (Other link):
Here is the inside story of the case

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