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Shekhar kills Charu, Husband and charu's sister-in-law in fire of love (Episode 53 on 28 October 2011)

Shekhar Sen Gupata (real name Pijus Ghosh and played by Puneet Channa) is a state armed police constable who live at the rented flat of Charu Lata (real name Sharbani Pal and played by Malini Kapoor). Charu is a married woman lice with her husband but often comes to her home. Shekhar is attracted towards Charu and soon their affair starts. Charu's mother stops her for this kind of relationship but she does not agree.
A Early morning Shekhar escapes during his duty with his loaded SLR Riffle. He reaches Charu's home and forces her to get marry with him. Charu denies because she is already a married woman and mother of a kid. Shekhar brings her to other place with her husband and sister-in-law and shoots him. They all 3 dies immediately.


Here is the inside story of the case:

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