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Gangaram brutally killed in front of whole village (Episode 110 on 12th May 2012)

From the era of shree Ram who took the Ber from Shabri, to mahatma Gandhi, every big personality gave us real examples to stand against un-touchability (छुआ-छूत). But still a huge population in india belives in this miscarriage of justice. Still in india Dalit people are not allowed to have relation with the normal people of general categories. Even their shodow is not acceptable. They can not walk on the common roads of a village because the are Dalit. They are forced to use the trackways so that other common people will remain safe from their touch and shadow.
Gangaram (Real name Paras Nath Patel and played by Shakti Singh) is a OBC and he doesn't beleive in untouchability. Panchayat of the village Kuruthwa is always against him and forces him many times to break contact with any dalit person of the village. Amarjit is a old friend of gangaram who is a dalit. Amarjit invites gangaram to attend his doughter's marriage.
Here is the inside story of the case

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