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Gangaram brutally killed in front of village (Episode 110 on 12th May 2012)

From the era of Shree Ram, who took the cherry plum from Shabri, to Mahatma Gandhi, many prominent figures have provided us with real-life examples of standing against untouchability (छुआ-छूत). Despite their efforts, a large population in India still believes in this miscarriage of justice. Dalit people are not allowed to have relationships with people from general categories and even their shadow is considered unacceptable. They are often forced to use separate tracks instead of common roads so that others can remain safe from their touch and shadow.

Gangaram, whose real name is Paras Nath Patel and played by Shakti Singh, belongs to the OBC category and does not believe in untouchability. However, the Panchayat of Kuruthwa village is always against him and has repeatedly forced him to break contact with any Dalit person in the village. Amarjit, an old friend of Gangaram and a Dalit, invites him to attend his daughter's marriage.

This story highlights the ongoing discrimination faced by Dalits in India, despite the efforts of many prominent figures to eradicate untouchability. It also portrays the bravery of individuals like Gangaram, who stand up against this injustice and refuse to be a part of it.

Online episode on youtube (Bangla):
Here is the inside story of the case
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