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Mumbai City hospital doctor caught doing fake practice from 6 years (Episode 128 on 8th July 2012)

The episode shows story of a fake doctor maqbool who stole identity of his former classmate Dr. Siraj Rafeeq Moinnuddeen Jaffer

Real name are:
Dr. Siraj Jaffer (Real)- Dr Meraj Shaikh (played by Harsh Khurana)
Dr. Siraj Jaffer (Fake)- Zuber Qureshi (played by Jatin Shah)

Varun is doing his internship from Mumbai city hospital under Dr. Siraj Jaffer. After finishing internship he goes back to Nagpur and meets another ENT doctor with the same name. He is shocked to see that both doctor's middle name is also same!
He explains this to ENT doctor Siraj and tell him that he has seen that doctor's degree also and he is also from the same college named Amarawati Medical college of Nagpur university.

What happens next when he explains him about Mumbai city hospital doctor?

Online Episode on YouTube:
Here is the inside story of the case

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