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NETFLIX: Indian Predator - Murder in Courtroom [State v/s Geeta Jagtap and Other: Serial Rapist and murderer Akku Yadav mob lynchinged by a crowd of 200 women in 2004 (Courtroom Episode 3, 4 on 16, 17 Feb 2019)]
Crime Patrol | Ashodhit: A Couple's master plan, serial killing of elderly women (Episode 653, 654 on 6, 7 May 2016)
Overlooked: Diamond Heist from Bank's Locker (Episode 395 on 1 July 2014)
Unforeseen Enemy: Jasmin's trouble after he fills a customer satisfaction feedback survey form (Episode 333 on 24th Jan )
God's own man: Godman accussed of double murder, nabbed by Pune police in Varanasi (Episode 309, 310 on 1st, 2nd Nov 2013)
Shaitaan (Colors TV): Story of a queer serial killer who killed over 20 girls (Episode 14 on 2nd February 2013)
Mumbai City hospital doctor caught doing fake practice from 6 years (Episode 128 on 8th July 2012)
Crime Patrol | Rajesh's son Aadi goes missing while enjoying at beach with Purvi (Episode 22 on 9 July 2011)
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