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Shaitaan (Colors TV): Story of a queer serial killer who killed over 20 girls (Episode 14 on 2nd February 2013)

A lady finds a dead body of a young girl in a public ladies toilet of a bus stand. Police sends body to postmortem and postmortem report reveals that the cause of death is Cyanide after being physical with her. Police officials are in limbo that why a lady took cyanide in a public toilet. At the same time a family from nashik raises an FIR of their missing girl Purnima who is a Steno Typist. Police inform them to identify the body they found but the family tells that she is not purnima.

Whose body was that and the missing girl was related to the girl who died?
This is a story of a Serial killer Mohan Kumar alias Ananda from Karnataka who killed over 20 unmarried girls and his case is in undertrial under supreme court.

Online Episode:
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Here is inside story of the case:
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