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Crime Patrol | Ashodhit: A Couple's master plan, serial killing of elderly women (Episode 653, 654 on 6, 7 May 2016)

Maharshtra police striked with two different cases of murder of elderly women in which these women were killed in same modus operandi. They both were killed by a poison and that poison was given to then by mixing it in coconut water. Police found green coconut near both the deadbodies in these cases. In both the cases victim's neck was choked after their death.

Shanta Kamble's husband Prashant Tambe tells police that a tenant was about to reach their home to see the place for them and Shanta was happy to meet them. Prashant was not at that home at that time so he has no clue about that couple. Police find an unknown number in Shanta's mobile and when they investigate, they come to know that this number was registered on a fake identity and was never used other than this incident.

According to police Shanta Tambe's murder was the first murder in series but they were wrong. After second murder of Padma Gaanvkar police tries hard and comes to know that police record has one more similar murder case where an elderly woman Kavita Jadhav's neck was chocked to death after she became unconscious but in that case killer used sleeping tablets in coconut water rather than poison.

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  1. nice information . .. is there any paper cutting of this case ?

  2. what's the name of female actress who did murderer role (I mean wife)

  3. Satya Anveshi what about male who did the murderer role

  4. What's the inspector real name after the second murder at 24.20