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Anjaam: College students Manish, Supriya, Ashad goes missing + Starcast (Ep 51/52 on 23, 24 Sep 19)
Saazish: Rampur's Ashvini Shrivastava makes an unusual plan to get her wife Shikha back (Ep 40 - Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 on 6th Sep, 2019)
Aarti Pal Murder Case: Obsessed man killed brother in laws wife (Episode 9 on 3 March, 2019)
Case 74/2017: Mystery behind Dhananjay Chaudary's Missing (Ep 876/877 on 9/10 Dec, 2017 Crime Patrol Satark Season 1)
Case 57/2017: (Ep 844 on 18 Aug 2017 Crime Patrol Satark)
Case 47/2017: Murder at Midnight - Middle aged woman Durga Devi stabbed to death in the midnight (Episode 829 on 14th July, 2017)
Case 21/2017: Electrician Amjad stabs Mukhtar to death in broad daylight (Episode 782, 783 on 25th, 26th Mar, 2017)
Bekarar: Zeenat's younger brother Saleem beaten to death inside home (Episode 742, 743 on 3rd, 4th December, 2016)
Naraz: Waseem killed, raped corpse and dumped body of own brother's wife Nilofar (Episode 687, 688 on 23rd, 24th July, 2016)
Ashodhit: A Couple's master plan, serial killing of elderly women (Episode 653, 654 on 6th, 7th May, 2016)
Murder of Kora Manpower Placement agency owner Jagan Kora (Episode 204 on 20th Jan 2013)
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