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Crime Patrol | Satsang or Secrets? The Puzzling Case of Rita Walecha (Episode 132 on 20 July 2012)

Rita Walecha (played by Anushka Singh) and Mukesh Walecha (played by Rajiv Kumar), are a contentedly married couple blessed with two children. Mukesh, engaged in business, provides for the family while Rita manages the household. Mukesh's family shares strong ties with an old friend.

Unexpectedly, Rita goes missing one day, leaving behind her maid and children with the information that she is attending a Satsang in the Vijay Nagar area. Despite four months passing, the police have been unsuccessful in locating Rita.

rita walesha crime patrol dastak satsang missing ulhasnagar rani sukheja
Anushka Singh

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Here is the inside story of the case:
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