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Crime Patrol | Delhi police rescued 18 months old ishan (Episode 72 on 31 Dec 2011)
Crime Patrol | Murder of Senior citizen Madhuri Chitale (Episode 50 on 15 Oct 2011)
Crime Patrol | Police suspects Rakesh for murder of Pramila (Episode 165 on 12 Oct 2012)
New born baby girl become unwanted between battle of 2 families (Episode 152, 153 on 8, 9 Sep 2012)
Crime Patrol | Satsang or Secrets? The Puzzling Case of Rita Walecha (Episode 132 on 20 July 2012)
Crime Patrol | Bharat bhai's Mysterious Death (Episode 58 on 12 November 2011)
Crime Patrol | Bikramjit Singh, mastermind behind a plan to kill his office colleague (Episode 42 on 17 September 2011)
Delhi's Triple Honour killing: Monica, her husband Kuldeep and sister shobha killed for honor (Episode 34 on 20th Aug 2011)
Ruchika Girhotra Legacy: A Call for Systemic Reforms to Protect Victims of Sexual Crimes (Crime Patrol Sansani, Episode 78, 79)
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