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Crime Patrol | Murder of Senior citizen Madhuri Chitale (Episode 50 on 15 Oct 2011)

Madhuri Chitale, a senior citizen aged 60, resides with her two daughters, Meenal (Geetanjali Mishra) and Varsha (Neha Talwar), as well as her nephew Raju. Shanti, a neighbor and close friend, frequently seeks financial assistance and essential items due to her poor economic condition. On a particular day, Shanti requests 50 Rupees from Madhuri, but her request is declined. This refusal angers Shanti, prompting her to return home in a state of displeasure.

Despite Meenal's insistence that Madhuri should give Shanti the small amount, Madhuri remains firm in her refusal. Meenal decides to take the money to Shanti's house but discovers that Shanti has angrily shut her door.

The following day, Raju returns home in the afternoon and discovers Madhuri severely injured on her head. Tragically, Madhuri succumbs to her injuries and passes away.

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Here is the inside story of the case
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