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Crime Patrol | Depressed Kavita hangs herself since she was not able to afford school fee! (Episode 137 on 3 aug 2012)

Kavita (played by Patil Tejaswi) and Girish are happy married couple. Girish is a Driver whether Kavita is a house wife. They has two sons. Kavita is very ambitious about the education of her son Ravi (played by Sarthak Jain). She want to admit ravi in S J International school which is a very high class school.

Girish is a driver and he can not afford these heavy expense so he forbade Kavita that it will create big money crisis.

Kavita is depressed and one night Hangs herself and commits su!c!de.

Was their economic condition was the real reason behind the death of Kavita?

Online Episode on YouTube:
Here is the inside story of the case
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