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12 year girl Panchhi in child labour at delhi (Episode 138 on 4th Aug 2012)

This episode represents a bitter truth of our democracy. Child labor and human trafficking, these both are becoming worst day by day in india. This story hunt for a particular family of Rakesh Malhotra but its a common story where child below 18 years are send from rural areas to metro cities like Delhi and mumbai. Take 20 minutes of your busy routine and must watch the bottom video on this link that describes this bitter truth and many cases behind this truth.
Rakesh Malhotra is business man in Delhi. He is frustrated with his wife because his wife is forcing him that she needs a 24x7 maid for her home. Rakesh contacts a placement agency for a labour. Manager promises to bring a maid/house keeper as soon as possible.

On the other hand , panchhi - daughter of kumkum, is a 12 year girl from Kupoi - Jhankhand. One day a boy named Ashwin meets panchhi and convinces her to to come delhi with him. reaching delhi Ashwin handsover Panchhi to that placement agency. He takes 25,000 from Rakesh for Panchhi. Would panchhi ever got rid of this child labour?
Here is the inside story of this episode that contains many stories inside it
Part 1:
Part 2:
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  1. Stop child labour and human trafficking ....Nice informative blog...

  2. We all should join in stop child labour campaign..