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Thanks to everybody - Sonali, getting slow recovery

Here is a good news for all the people who know the pity story of Sonali Mukherjee (Mitali Das in Crime Patrol Episodes telecasted on 146, 147 on 24th, 25th Aug 2012).
Sonali is continuously undergoing many surgeries and she is happy to see a huge support from all over the world.

In the recent interview (9th Sep) she explained IBN7 that her all surgeries will go in 9 phases and will take next 1.5 years to complete. Her reconstructive surgeries are undergoing at B L Kapur hospital and Delhi. She explains that the legal help against those guys who disfigured her face is still not satisfactory. She already appealed to chief justice but no one cares about her case.
You still can help sonali by donating some money at her father, Mr. Chandi Das Mukherjee's account:

Here are the contact details:

Following are their contact details:

Brother Devashish Mukherjee: 09437638600
Father Chandi Das Mukherjee: 09210022919

Check this link for recent interview with Sonali.
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