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Crime Patrol | Madhav Narayan's son Ramesh kidnaped for 10 lac rupees (Episode 156 on 16 Sep 2012)

Amit (Real name Kalpesh Saroj) and his father are shopkeepers who has their shop of vegetable and fruits at mira road. Both son and father are raised by Madhav Narayan (Real name Ramchandra) a civil contractor who is a honest, well nature businessman.
Amit borrows a loan of 1 lac from Vikram Seth but he is not able to pay on time. He still has outstanding of 60,000. He is getting tthreatening calls from Vikram so he plans kidnapping of Madhav Narayan's 20 year old son Ramesh (Real name Ganesh Ramchandra Shriram) and calls Madhav Narayan for ransom.

Did Ramesh survive?
Here you get the real story of the case:

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  1. Who is the actor playing the role of the Police Inspector?