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Pooja finds her fake profile and fake photos on friendsbook (Episode 155 on 15 Sep 2012)

Pooja Patel (played by Vaibhavi Upadhyay) is a call center employee who suddenly starts getting Indecent calls. She is getting call in which men are asking about her rates and how much she costs for an hour.
She informs this to her parents. In one call she acknowledged that the people are getting her number from a Friendsbook (Facebook) profile. She searched her own name on friendsbook and find that there is a profile which has her morphed and obscene photos.

Pooja files an FIR to the police station. Police officer Geeta Sainchar (played by Ankita Bhargava) starts tracking the record behind this fake friendsbook profile. They approaches friendsbook's head office at Hydrabad. Hydrabad office contact their head office at California and then police finds the real name Arjun Gandhi behind this fake profile.

Who is actually this Arjun Gandhi? And why he is posting obscene photos of pooja?
Screenshot of fake profile of Pooja Patel
(Not original images)

Online Episode on YouTube:
Click here for the inside story of the case:
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