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Shaitaan (Colors TV): Romila, a player of Bihar women's kabaddi and Rasul Amin, a Badminton champion murder cases (Episode 33, April 21st, 2013)

Story One:
Romila, 20 year old girl from Himachal Pradesh is the only source of income for her family. Because she represents his state as a Sport lady, he government gives her job. During her practice session in Patna (Bihar) a CRPF guy Bhairo Singh has affection with her. He proposes Romila but she denies him badly. Giggled Bhairo kills her by his AK 47 and immediately after that he kills himself.

Based on Manisha Kumari murder case done by CRPF man Jaswant Singh
Story Two:
Rasul Amin is a famous badminton champion who comes in touch with a former badminton player Vijaya. They are in love and soon they get marry. Her wife Vijaya is in touch with a politician Laakhan Naik. She re-starts her career as a interior designer at Laakhan's home. Rasul does not like her she comes back late night and most of the time she brings gifts given by Laakhan. A day suddenly someone kills Rasul out of his practice ground.

Based on Sayed modi Murder case
Online Episode:
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Here is the inside stories of the cases:
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