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Crime Patrol | Grade Three student Raju gets beaten by father regularly, Commits Su!c!de (Episode 31 on 12 August 2011)

Raju is a grade three student who arrives at school an hour early and stays for an hour after school ends. He appears to be constantly depressed and anxious. His class teacher and school principal have attempted to speak with him about his behavior, but Raju remains tight-lipped. Consequently, they contact Raju's father, who comes to the school.

It is soon revealed that Raju's father regularly beats him, causing his persistent despondency. The school takes immediate action to protect Raju, including informing the appropriate authorities and providing him with the support he needs to recover from the abuse he has suffered.

Online Episode on Dailymotion:!c!de.html

Online Episode on YouTube (Bengali):
Here is the inside story of the case:
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