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Crime Patrol: Vinod Nagar, Delhi's Blind murder case married girl Vidya (Episode 29 on 5th August 2011)

New Delhi, 18 May 2011
Vinod Nagar Police finds body of a newly married girl near 21-22 year old. They starts investigation but does not find clue.

On the other hand Vidya (real name Sadhna and played by Parul Gulati) who lives in Mumbai with his husband goes missing from her home. Veeru, his husband comes to Vidya's home at Bihar ti get her back but her parents are also aware of her missing girl.

Together they raise FIR to the police and during investigation police finds that Vidya was continuously in touch on phone with her 5 year old boyfriend Siddhu (real name Jitendra and played by Akshay Sethi). Vidya's father tells polices that after a long affair with electrician Siddhu they got her daughter married with Veeru in Aurangabad, Bihar. But Even after marriage she was still in touch with Siddhu over phone.

Lets watch the whole mystery on youtube:

And here is the link of real story behind the case on with accused's photo on

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