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Crime Patrol | Lieutenant Jerome Mathew kills Neeraj Grover after seeing actress Monica Susiraj lying naked with him (Episode 28 on 30 July 2011)

The episode is based on the Neeraj Grover (shown as Suraj) murder case, which is considered one of the most horrifying murder cases in India. Neeraj Grover, a young man from Uttar Pradesh, moved to Mumbai to pursue a career in the television industry. He was working as a creative executive director for a TV show and was auditioning for a new series called "Mahabharat".

Neeraj befriended Maria Monica Susairaj (shown as Sonia and played by Monica Khanna), a Kannada actress, during auditions. Their friendship turned into a romantic relationship. However, Maria was engaged to a naval officer named Emile Jerome Mathew (shown as Jacob), who became possessive and jealous of Neeraj. On the night of May 6, 2008, Neeraj went to Maria's apartment to help her settle in. Emile found out and demanded that Neeraj leave. A heated argument ensued, and in a fit of rage, Emile stabbed Neeraj to death.

After the murder, Maria and Emile dismembered Neeraj's body and disposed of it. They changed the upholstery of the apartment and bought supplies to destroy evidence. Meanwhile, Neeraj's family and friends grew concerned when they couldn't reach him and reported him missing to the police. Suspicion fell on Maria, and during the investigation, the police discovered bloodstains and other evidence in her apartment.

As the investigation progressed, inconsistencies in Maria's statements and evidence led to her confession of the murder. Emile was also arrested. The trial lasted for several years, and in July 2011, Emile was found guilty of culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

Also there is a movie Not A Love Story by Ram Gopal Verma casting:

Mahie Gill as Anusha Chawla
Deepak Dobriyal as Robin Fernandes
Zakir Hussain
Ajay Gehi as Ashish Bhatnagar
Darshan Jariwala
Neil Bhoopalam
Ganesh Yadav
Prabhleen Sandhu as Anju
Rasika Joshi

Sonia, played by Monica Khanna

Online Episode on Dailymotion:
Online Episode on YouTube (Bengali):
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Here is the inside story of the case:
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