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Crime Patrol | Chunauti: A Godman locket helps Mumbai police to crack blind murder case (Episode 637, 638 on 18, 19 March 2016)
Crime Patrol | Durghatna: Murder of Deepa's husband Ankit Keswani (Episode 529, 530 on 11, 12 July 2015)
Closure: Police solves blind murder case with the help of two movie tickets (Episode 291 on September 7, 2013)
Shaitaan (Colors TV): Rohini brutally killed by a security man (Episode 48 on 23rd June 2013)
Crime Patrol | Lieutenant Jerome Mathew kills Neeraj Grover after seeing actress Monica Susiraj lying naked with him (Episode 28 on 30 July 2011)
Software professional Vishal's murdered case for a video clip (Episode 18 on 25th Jun 2011)
Crime Patrol | 12 year boy Suraj gets killed- Saharanpur (Episode 9 on 27 May 2011)
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