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Shaitaan (Colors): Rohini brutally killed by a security man (Episode 48 on 23rd June 2013)

Meer Qazi is a new watchman of Rohini's residential society. Rohini is legal advisor at Mehta Associates who lives with her live-in partner Sooraj in that rented apartment.

Qazi is a batty kind of person and does not like this type of high profile people. He often stares at Rohini. Some times he does misbehave with mates of Rohini also. Their society is unknown to Rohini-Sooraj's live-in relationship because the society flats were for only family persons.

After Rohini shouts at Qazi, obsessed Qazi plans to teach a lesson to Rohini.

Based on Pallavi Purkayastha murder case at Mumbai. Case has also been portrayed on Crime Patrol Dastak.
Click here for full episode

Here is the crime patrol version of the case with inside coverage:

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