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Shaitaan (Colors TV): Zubaida (Amrapali Dubey), a congirl marries multiple times and fleed (Episode 42 on 2nd June 2013)

Rubain is a football player who raises an FIR of his missing wife Zubaida (played by Amrapali Dubey). He met Zubaida (real name Shahnaz first time in Super market and Zubaida was working as a sales girl there. That was a first sight love. Rubain proposes her and soon they get marry.
They are living happily but a day Rubain's best friend Shruti comes and Zubaida does not like the way they both are taking to each-other. Zubaida asks Rubain about there relation but Rubain says that it is just a friends ship. After this event, a day zubaida goes missing.
Shaitaan a criminal mind episode 42

Raising FIR reveals that Zubaida was already married with several guy and flees aways with their money!

Why Zubaida married with so many men? And why she did not change her name?
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Here is the inside story of the case:
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