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Groom shot dead on wedding during Jaimaal (Episode 255 on 7th June 2013)

Rajesh (real name Souvik Dey) was a Software Engineer and was getting marry with Aparna (real name Sunita Sarkar and played by Harsha Khandeparkar). Their marriage was a arranged marriage and couple was happy for each other. Both families are preparing for their marriage but on the day of their marriage, during Jaimaal a young guy (real name Rajib Bose) with covered face comes and shoots Rajesh. Rajesh collapses immediately.

Crowd catches the shooter and beats him badly. Police admits him to the hospital and after some time that guy also declares dead by the doctors. Everyone is shocked and Aparna is in trauma on the happenings. Police starts investigation that who was that shooter and why he killed Rajesh on his marriage.
Hot and sexy actress Harsha Khandeparkar
Harsha Khandeparkar



Here is the inside story of the case:

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