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Disconsolate husband Roshan shoots his wife Anchal outside court (Episode 280 on 9th Aug 2013)

Anchal (real name Deepti and played by Ekta Tiwari) a mother of 2 daughters was shot dead by his husband (real name Pawan and played by Manmohan Tiwari) while she was coming out of the court with her father. Anchal was shot dead by a 12 bore double-barrel gun of Rashan's father which was stolen by Roshan. Anchal died on the spot. The bullet hit her upper back and punctured her heart.

It was their 8 year old marriage which turned into sour after a huge business loss. From a long time he was willing to re-settle his business but could not succeeded. Economic crisis and daily quarrels forced Anchal to walk-out of his home and he came back to his father's home.

Lets watch what the whole case was. Based on a Delhi case in which husband Pawan hanged himself after killing his wife Deepti near Kadkaddooma metro station.
Deepti played by Ekta Tiwari

Online Episode on YouTube:
Here is the inside story of the case

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