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Crime Patrol | Sixty Six: Indian woman's 3 months long captivity for dowry (Episode 289, 290 on 30, 31 Aug 2013)

Sixty Six (66)
छांछठ (६६)

"66". Its been sixty six years passed we got freedom, still a 21 year old woman tortured by her husband and relatives for dowry and forced to live in place inhabited by domestic animals.

Stroy of Ujjwala who was kept in captive by her husband and brother-in-law in animal's godown and then sold to other village's Zamidaar for Rupee 50,000.

Ujjwala's mother-in-law and husband were demanding a Bike, color television, and a tractor from her father when they saw that her brother's marriage was really going well and her father must have gotten a good dowry from her brother's in-laws.
Heena Parmar

Part 1:
Part 2:

Part 1:
Part 2:
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