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The Loot: A booty of Rupees 60 Lac (Episode 283, Aug 16 2013)


The Loot

Balram (real name Kacchru Meshram) is a senior citizen, who is father of 2 daughters and wants to sell his 5 acre land to distribute money to his daughter for their future. Damodar (real name Bandu Wankhede) is known to him and he is interested in buying his land. The deal fixes with 60 lac rupees and Damodar arranges the money for this.

While Balram, his nephew, his daughter Kalpana are going for the deal 3 guys attacks on them and takes away the bag of money from Kalpana and runs away. Immediately Balram, Damodar who is injured in the attack files complain to the police.



And here is the inside story of the case:
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