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Crime Patrol | Voices: Fight against corruption. Story of RTI activist Santosh Koli (Episode 294, 295 on 14t, 15 Sep 2013)

The year 2004, Sundar Nagri, Delhi
Garima Chaudhary (real name Santosh Koli), an 18-year-old girl is elder to her sister and younger to her 2 brothers. One brother having a mobile shop and the other one is a driver. Her mother Lajwanti is a worker at a local NGO and father owes a shop of clothes. She also attends activity meetings with her mother and learns how to work for others.

She attends an interview at NGO Sudhar (NGO Parivartan) and explains that she wants to join them as a volunteer. Her seniors explain her that fighting against corruption is the most dangerous work in this world. They teach her about BPL (Below Poverty Line) and AAY (Antyodaya Anna Yojana) cards. BPL card is provided to the people whose annual income is below 1 lac while the AAY card is provided to the family whose economic condition is more critical. These cards give people the authority to gain food grain on minimum rates by the government. They also explain that due to several types of corruption these people can not avail of their right to getting food.
courtesy: IBN7
Her seniors also tell her to visit every home of the society to get the correct information about these cards that how many families are getting these cards. Garima starts her survey and she is shocked to see that none of the people got their cards. They have applied for the cards before 3 months, 6 months even 1 year ago but they did not get the cards. She asks at Control Shop also (Raashan Shop) but he denies of saying that he does not have any info about card distribution.

When she gives all her reports to "Sudhar" her seniors explain her about PDS (Public distribution office) and RTI (Right To Information). When they start taking action, a series of corruption explores. All the ration mafia decides to take any action against Garima Chaudhary. During September 2004, they hire a contract killer who slits her throat while she was near her home.

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Part 1:
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Based on RTI activist and Aam Admin Party volunteer Santosh Koli who dies of a conspired road accident...
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