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Exploited: A Minor domestic help Shalini rescued from doctor's locked home (Episode 293 on 13th Sep 2013)

March 29, 2012, New Delhi
A minor girl was seen crying in balcony of a high profile doctor of Delhi. Police rescues her through the balcony itself because she did not have key of main door. Doctor couple, owner of that home were out of Thailand trip while they locked their minor maid inside the home.
Sanjay Verma and his wife Sunita Verma came back from Thailand next day after the incident came to light. They were hiding themselves from police but arrested from lifestyle mall in Wes Delhi, Rajauri Garden. Recued girl explained everything she gone through.

Child labour, a bitter truth of India which is already shown in few episodes of Crime Patrol. The girl rescued was crying of hunger. That doctor couple was out of india on an holiday and prisoned that girl with a warning that she will not steal anything because the entire home is covered under CCTV cameras. The girl was forced not to take anything when she felt extreme hunger.

The case was registered against the doctor couple. The couple was charged with include wrongful confinement, buying or disposing of any person as a slave, unlawful compulsory labour and causing grievous injury.


Here is the inside story of the case:

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