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Innocence Trampled: Jitendra brings back her daughter Pari after seven years (Episode 447 on 19th Dec 2014)

Innocence Trampled

Eight year old Pari lives with her Nana-Nani (Grand father and Granny) in Dehradun. Her mother passed away when she was just 1 year old. According to her Nana-Nani that was a murder committed by her father Jitendra but in police record it was a suicide case. And for this case Jitendra had spent six months in a jail.

Its been seven years. Suddenly a day Jitendra comes their home and asks Pari’s grand father and granny that he has forgotten past things and now he want her daughter back. He is now married with another woman Sonali who will take good care of her. After much consideration they gives allows Pari to go with him.

After pari has gone, they tries several times to talk to her but Jitendra is not picking their call anymore. After two weeks he calls Jitendra from a PCO. Jitendra does not talk to him well. He tells him that Pari is good and he is enjoying her life here in Delhi. He does not tell his address but he tells that he lives somewhere in Greater Kailash II. Pari’s Nana is still not satisfied with him. He decides to go Delhi and after reaching Delhi he searches for Jitendra and Pari in entire Great Kailash area. After two days he does not find any clue about them so he comes back to their home in Dehradun.

After few days of this he gets a call from Delhi, R.K Puram police station that her grand daughter Pari is injured and is admitted in a hospital so he should reach Delhi as soon as possible.

परी अपने नाना नानी के साथ देहरादून में रहती है। जब वो एक साल की थी तब उसकी माँ की मृत्यु हो गई थी। कहा जाता है की उसकी माँ ने आत्महत्या की थी और उसके पीछे पूरी ज़िम्मेदारी उसके पापा जीतेन्द्र की थी। आज उस बात को सात साल हो चुके हैं और परी अब आठ साल की है। एक दिन अचानक जीतेन्द्र परी के नाना-नानी के घर आता है और वो बोलता है की वो परी को अपने साथ ले जाना चाहता है। नाना-नानी को समझ नहीं आता है की इतने साल बाद वो परी से मिलने क्यों आया है।

काफी सोचने समझने के बाद वो लोग परी को जीतेन्द्र के साथ भेज देते हैं। परी के जाने के बाद उसके नाना कई बार उससे बात करने की कोशिश करते हैं मगर जीतेन्द्र फ़ोन नहीं उठता है। दो हफ्ते बीत जाते हैं तो वो एक पीसीओ से जीतेन्द्र को फ़ोन करते हैं। जीतेन्द्र गुस्से में बोलता है की परी बिलकुल ठीक है और उसका स्कूल में एडमिशन करवा दिया गया है। जीतेन्द्र उनको अपना पता भी नहीं बताता है और ये कह देता है कि वो ग्रेटर कैलाश 2 में रहता है।

परी के नाना देहरादून से दिल्ली आते हैं और पूरे ग्रेटर कैलाश में पारी का पता ढूंढते हैं. दो दिन तक ढूंढने के बाद भी उन्हें परी का पता नहीं मिलता है तो वो वापस लौट जाते हैं।

कुछ दिन बाद उन्हें दिल्ली के आरके पुरम थाने से फ़ोन पहुचता है की परी की हालत बहुत ख़राब है और वो अस्पताल में भर्ती है.

Based on Bangalore incident. Satyanarayan Singh, a plastic utensils trader told police that he was provoked into hitting his daughter Neha as she didn't answer questions during revision. Police arrested Satyanarayan and his mother Padma Bai. Police suspects that Padma Bai provoked Satyanarayan to commit this crime. Neha was daughter of Satyanarayan from her first wife Asha Singh who commited suicide in 2006. Satyanarayan was acquitted in Dowry harassment and murder case of his wife. Later he married again and having a two year old daughter from her second wife.


Here is the inside story of the case:

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