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EPISODES Aug 2022 | CRIME PATROL 2.0 | Episode 106 to 128
Crime Patrol | Burari Deaths | A Chilling Tale of Rituals and Unanswered Questions (Ep 845 on 20 Aug 2018 Crime Patrol Dastak)
Crime Patrol | Innocence Trampled: Jitendra brings back her daughter Pari after seven years (Episode 447 on 19th Dec 2014)
Discontented: Murder of retired FIC manager and his grand daughter (Episode 412 on 5th August 2014)
Swindled: Fake police raids Surendra's home and extort 5 lac rupees (Episode 375 on 30th May 2014)
The Missing Family: Kanchan goes missing with her two daughters (Episode 370, 372 on 17th 18th May 2014)
The Third Man: Nupur, Wife of Abbas murdered and 3 year old son kidnapped (Episode 303, 304 on 10th, 11th Oct 2013)
Tabassum along with other women cheated by a con-man (Episode 241, 242 on 4th, 5th May 2013)
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