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EPISODES Aug 2022 | CRIME PATROL 2.0 | Episode 106 to 128


List of all the Crime Patrol 2.0 Episodes telecasted during Aug 2022.
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Episode 128: Raat-Din
31 Aug 2022
In the city of Lucknow, a tragic incident occurs when a boy named Anmol Yadav is found dead in a river. The police discover that there have been multiple cases of child disappearance and murder reported over the past few months. Will the police be able to uncover the truth behind these heinous crimes and bring the perpetrators to justice?

Episode 127: Dosh
30 Aug 2022
A heartbreaking incident takes place when a young woman named Rashi, aged 22, takes her own life by committing su!c!de. Adding to the tragedy, Rashi's younger sister, Diya, goes missing from her home. Can the police unravel the mystery behind these events and determine if foul play was involved in Rashi's death?

Episode 126: Dafan
29 Aug 2022
A newly married couple moves into their new home in Boisar, only to be shocked when a skeleton is discovered on their property. Will the police be able to solve this baffling case and uncover the truth behind the skeleton's presence on their land?

Episode 125: Paropkaar
26 Aug 2022
In Indore, a pregnant woman named Devika D'souza tragically takes her own life, and a few days later, an older woman named Ganga Agarwal is murdered in Surat. Is there a connection between these two seemingly disparate cases, and can the police solve the mystery behind them?

Episode 124: Vishwasghat
25 Aug
In Ambewadi, Maharashtra, the disappearance of two sisters, Ritu and Tara, is followed by the murder of their third sister, Mukti. Can the police solve this complex case and bring the perpetrator to justice?

Episode 123: Paatal
24 Aug
In Lucknow, a brave and fearless news reporter named Abhijeet Rai is murdered while seeking the truth. The police discover that Abhijeet was about to expose a major crime syndicate in his latest report. Can the police uncover the motive behind his murder, and bring those responsible to justice?

Episode 122: Sangharsh
23 Aug 2022
In a distressing incident, eighteen-year-old Ginni Yadav goes missing from her own home, only for the police to discover three more crime scenes that are connected to her kidnapping over the following days. Can the police piece together the clues and solve this complex case?

Episode 121: Raaz
22 Aug 2022
In Igatpuri, the police find a six-month-old foetus dumped in a nearby forest, and as they continue their investigation, they discover the involvement of a large crime syndicate in this case. Can the police identify and bring these criminals to justice?

Episode 120: Rozi Roti
19 Aug 2022
In Mumbai, a young girl appears at a hospital in a severely bruised and battered state. Can the police uncover the truth behind her injuries and bring those responsible to justice?

Episode 119: Ranzish
18 Aug 2022
In Kolhapur, a young girl named Aarti Sonawane is brutally beaten and left to die in a forest. Can the police solve this heinous crime and bring her assailant to justice?

Episode 118: Operation
17 Aug 2022
A chief surgeon named Dr. Praful Parikh abandons a surgery midway, resulting in the death of a young girl. Despite the police's search, there is no trace of Dr. Praful. Can the police locate him and hold him accountable for his actions?

Episode 117: Sazish
16 Aug 2022
The murder of twenty-year-old Jay Verma near the jungles of Madh Island leads the police to suspect that his own father might be the perpetrator, due to their strained relationship. Can the police unravel the truth of this tragedy?

Episode 116: Nirmala
15 Aug 2022
In Mumbai, Nirmala, aged thirty-six, protests against an urban development project for the benefit of the slum dwellers. However, she is later found murdered on the street. Can the police solve this case and bring those responsible for her death to justice?

Episode 115: Talaash
12 Aug 2022
In Delhi, forty-year-old Jayanti Chauhan is found murdered in her own home. Will the police be able to solve the case and bring the perpetrators to justice?

Episode 114: Akola Serial Murder Case
11 Aug 2022
In Akola, Ramesh Gaikwad and his nephew are found murdered, and over the next few years, four more members of Ramesh's family are killed. Can the police discover the identity of the culprit behind these murders?

Episode 113: Shikaar
10 Aug 2022
    In Moradabad, a young girl named Shubhi Tiwari is kidnapped during a wedding function. Can the police locate her before it is too late?

Episode 112: Vashi Double Murder Case
09 Aug 2022
In Mumbai, union leader Jayant Pawar is shot dead for political reasons. Can the police solve the case and bring his killer to justice?

Episode 111: Makdi
08 Aug 2022
In Mumbai, cricket aspirant Aditya is kidnapped after practice. Can the police locate and rescue him safely?

Episode 110: Nashik Double Murder Case
05 Aug 2022
In Nashik, sixteen-year-old Tanya Kashyap is kidnapped while returning home from school, and her parents suspect that her uncle Gautam may be involved. Can the police locate her before it is too late?

Episode 109: Sharminda
04 Aug 2022
Fifteen-year-old Divya Singh mysteriously disappears from her home in Jaipur and is later found fatally wounded. Can the police uncover the truth behind this shocking crime and bring those responsible to justice?

Episode 108: Pune Triple Murder Case
03 Aug 2022
In Pune, Girish Patil and his wife Urmi Patil mysteriously vanish while travelling on a highway. The following day, Girish's body is found on the same highway. Can the police uncover the circumstances surrounding their disappearance and solve this perplexing case?

Episode 107: Aarzoo
02 Aug 2022
In Pune, the dead body of a girl named Sakshi is discovered in a forest, and as the police begin their investigation, the truth about her dark past begins to unravel. Will the past events of Sakshi's life help the police identify her murderer and bring them to justice?

Episode 106: Panha
01 Aug 2022
A series of child kidnappings occur in rapid succession in Mumbai, causing great concern among the public. Can the police put an end to these horrific crimes and bring those responsible to justice?

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