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List of all the Crime Patrol 2.0 Episodes telecasted during July 2022.
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Episode 105: Matunga Double Murder Case
29 Jul 2022
Twenty-five-year-old UPSC aspirant, Riya Karmakar, commits suicide by hanging herself inside her room. Was it study pressure that forced Riya to take such a drastic step? Or something else?

Episode 104: Masoom
28 Jul 2022
Kasturia Bapat is out for work when she gets the troubling news that her newborn daughter has been kidnapped. Can the police find her and bring her back safely to her family?

Episode 103: Tamas
27 Jul 2022
In Indore, two neighbouring families get brutally murdered by a group of cultists in the middle of the night. Can the police find the men behind this heinous crime?

Episode 102: Thane Triple Murder Case
26 Jul 2022
In Thane, sub-inspector Aruna More loses her life during a violent shootout outside the police station. Madhu More, a civilian, gets caught in the crossfire as well. Can the police find their killers and bring them to justice?

Episode 101: Ananya
25 Jul 2022
In Pune, a woman named Ananya gets mercilessly beaten up and molested on the day of her cousin's engagement. Can the police find the criminal and bring him to justice?

Episode 100: Bhayandar Double Murder Case
22 Jul 2022
In Bhayander, a girl named Meghna gets murdered in cold blood. When the investigation begins, Meghna's entire family comes under suspicion. Can the police catch the criminal responsible for her murder?

Episode 99: Bejawaab
21 Jul 2022
A mute girl named Sandhya Solanki is brutally molested and is left to die near a highway in Jaipur. Can the police find the one behind this heinous crime?

Episode 98: Nashik Double Murder Case
20 Jul 2022
A fashion blogger in Nashik named Jiya jumps from the balcony of her house, committing suicide. Can the police find the reason behind Jiya taking such a drastic step?

Episode 97: Kyon?
19 Jul 2022
In Nashik, Rajni Shinde kidnaps a few kids from her colony and holds them hostage inside her own house. Can the police save the kids before it is too late?

Episode 96: Ardhasatya
18 Jul 2022
In Indore, a woman named Rohini is found murdered inside her own home. The police suspect that it could be a case of a robbery gone wrong. Will their hunch prove to be true?

Episode 95: Satara Mass Suicide Murder Case
15 Jul 2022
Six members of the Wakode family are found dead in their house in Punawadi. Will the police find out the truth behind the incident?

Episode 94: Zeher
14 Jul 2022
Chaos ensues at the Good Life hospital in Gujarat, as numerous patients lose their life after being poisoned. Can the police find the one behind this heinous crime?

Episode 93: Sabak
13 Jul 2022
A suicide bomber takes over a housing society in Mumbai and holds all the residents' hostage. Meanwhile, similar incidents crop up in Indore and Navsari. Can the police forces of these three cities cooperate to squash this act of terror?

Episode 92: Kandivali Double Murder Case
12 Jul 2022
A lawyer named Milind Panchal gets shot to death outside his office in Kandivali. His ex-fiance, Prajakta Rane and her family are blamed for Milind's untimely passing. Can the police find out the truth?

Episode 91: Paheli
11 Jul 2022
In Pune, a young, underaged girl named Palki is brutally raped by her friends at a party. However, her friends have strong connections, and no one is willing to believe in her story. Is Palki telling the truth?

Episode 90: Bhanwar
08 Jul 2022
Naren Bhaskar, a powerful politician, gets charged with raping his P.R head Bani Tyagi. However, Bani has no evidence to support her claims. Is she telling the truth?

Episode 89: Target Kaun?
07 Jul 2022
In Goa, Sunil Ghokale's wedding day turns into a massacre when a hired hitman goes on a rampage, killing countless people at the venue. Can the police find the person behind this heinous crime?

Episode 88: Lahane Village Double Murder Case
06 Jul 2022
Thirty-Eight-year-old Alka Sonnatkke is found murdered inside her house in Lahane. When the police begin their investigation, they find out that the man who raped her eight years ago, had recently escaped from jail. Can the police find the culprit behind Alka's murder?

Episode 87: Dapoli Murder Case
05 Jul 2022
A protestor named Surbhi Tambe gets brutally molested and set on fire for standing up against a corrupt Sarpanch in Dapoli. Can Mumbai police give Surbhi the justice she deserves?

Episode 86: Shart
04 Jul 2022
In Noida, Kaushal Awasthi and his family get taken hostage in their own home. Can the police save the family before it is too late?

Episode 85: Andheri Double Murder Case
01 Jul 2022
While chasing down a criminal in Andheri, police stumble upon the dead body of a young girl named Aanchal. When the police begin their investigation, they discover that Aanchal was mentally unstable. Can the police find the one responsible for this heinous crime?

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