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Crime Patrol | Pyar dosti aur dagabazi: Did Chetan cheat on Venkat! (Episode 493, 494 on 11, 12 Apr 2015)

Love, Friendship and a Double-Cross
प्यार, दोस्ती और दग़ाबाजी

One of the most touching stories of Crime Patrol

Story of three close friends who grownup together from their childhood. Venkat (played by Mayur More) hails from Kerala and he is an Idli seller. He lives in a small room on rent. Raman is a daily wage earner and does plumber work. Chetan (played by Anuj Pandit) is a student and also he is preparing for a govt job.

Often they meet at a tea shop and enjoy chatting together. They are living there life happily. A day they see a girl passing near the tea stall. Venkat falls in love with her at the same time. Now they like watching her daily and a day they follow her up to her home.

Again after few days they see her with another girl who has been a classmate of Chetan. Chetan tells Venkat and Raman that she is Shruti who was his classmate in the college. Vekant requests him to please do somthing to get other girl's name. Some how Chetan manages to talk to Shruti. Shruti tell him that that girl hails from Bihar and her name is Rohini Singh (played by Vidhi Pandya). After her father's transfer, her family is recently shifted to Mumbai and she is doing Catering course with her in an Institute here. Venkat forces Chetan to plan a meeting with Rohini so they get closer to each other. Chetan asks Shruti to come for a movie and bring her friend Rohini also. When Shruti asks Rohini, Rohini agrees to come with them.

Vidhi Pandya
(Rohini played by Vidhi Pandya)

Venkat is very excited about meeting Rohini. The day comes and they all meet Rohini for the first time. They enjoy together the whole day and Rohin gives her mobile number to Venkat. They start talking and meeting with each other. After sometimes Rohini also falls in love with Venkat. Everything is going fine but a day suddenly Rohini goes missing. When her parents file her missing complaint, the police investigates that her close friend Venkat is also missing. Police ask Chetan and Raman but no one has any clue about them.

Police have no clue about Venkat. Time flows and after 3 months police come to know about the location of the couple. They reach Venkat's hometown in Kerala and finds Rohini and Venkat there. Rohini and Venkat are now back. Police ask her parents to file a case against Venkat because Rohin is a minor but they do not file any case on him because their daughter ran away with him on her own. Police warns Venkat to make a distance from Rohin. Rohini also starts making the distance from Venkat.

Since Ventak arrested, he is confused about how police got their location! His prime suspect is Chetan because a few weeks after he went, he called up Chetan and told him about Rohini and himself. He is thinking that Chetan is behind all this mess.

Two years goes. Chetan has now got a govt job and Rohini is now an adult. They three friends are not in continuous touch but occasionally meets each other. Venkat and Raman asks Chetan for a party for his job but Chetan tries to avoid them. For few weeks he does not even pic Venkat's call. Then a day Chetan goes missing.

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Part 2: Pyaar Dosti Aur Dagabaazi 2

Here is the inside story of the case:
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