Posted On: Saturday, April 11, 2015

Disesteem: Partially burnt voter id card helped police to identify deseased Harihar Kamath (Episode 192 on 10th Apr 2015)


Burnt Voter ID card that helped police in identifying the victim
Burnt Voter ID card that
helped police in
identifying the victim
Harihar Kamath is a marriage broker who helps parents and families and getting their child to marry a suitable person. A day he gets a call from a man Mangesh, he tells him that he can arrange money for him so Harihar has to come with him. They both reach a forest through Bike and then train. After reaching there, Mangesh strangulates Harihar to death. After Harihar dies, Mangesh burns him off with Petrol.

Few forest guards find Harihar's corps there. They inform to police and police only find a burnt card near his body. Forensic experts confirm that it is a Voter ID card of either the victim or the murderer. After investigating the voter id card police finds a clue that this body might belong to Harihar Kamath and after reaching his home, Harihar's family confirms that this body belongs to Harihar.


Here is the inside story of the case:

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