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Crime Patorl: In The Name Of Love: Shabnam, the first woman could get hanged since 1947 (Episode 413, 414 on 6th, 7th Sep 2014)
Renowned: FM News Channel Anchor Ajitesh Mishra Kills Wife (Ep 182 on 25 Mar, 2020)
Case 25/2017: Gold businessman Ganesh Kotian found hanging in a hotel's locked room (Episode 788, 789 on 8th, 9th Apr, 2017)
Uljhan: 3 year old Dia found murdered in a washing machine (Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 162 on 9th June, 2015)
Shyamli: A Dark complexion girl getting harassed over dark skin (Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 131 on 18th April, 2016)
Hatasha: Rajasthan- Two children abducted and killed in the same manner (Episode 613, 615 on 30th, 31st January, 2016)
Daasi: Prabhudasi/Devadasi tradition of outskirt areas of South India (Episode 610, 611 on 23rd, 24th Jan, 2016)
Ghaav: 16 years old Shweta commit suicide, leaves suicide note (Episode 606 on 15th January, 2016)
Pehchaan: Sunil Khare wants justice for his identity (Episode 562, 563 on 26th, 27th Sep 2015)
Apharan aur Hatya: 16 year old Arjun Kidnapped and Murdered (Episode 559, 560 on 19th, 20th Sep 2015)
Nishaana: 16 year old teenager Victim Aamir molested by Sakeena (Episode 546, 547 on 21st, 22nd Aug 2015)
Shikwa: Sofia (Tia) Parashar found killed, childhood friends goes missing (Episode 537, 538 on 31st July, 1st Aug, 2015)
Ankahee: Mother murdered, daughter Kaanchi found sleeping on road divider (Episode 535, 536 on 25th, 26th July 2015)
Khudkhushi: Atul Desai's mysterious accident turn to murder (Episode 531, 532 on 17th, 18th July, 2015)
Disesteem: Partially burnt voter id card helped police to identify deseased Harihar Kamath (Episode 192 on 10th Apr 2015)
Buried Deep: Missing security company supervisor Jaiprakash found dead (Episode 465, 466 on 31st Jan, 1st Feb 2015)
Ties that Bind: Double murder of mother and daughter (Episode 452 on 2nd Jan 2015)
Multiple Threats: Double Murder, Headless Bodies of Somesh and Meenu found (Episode 445/446 on 13/14 Dec 2014)
Wilful Blindness: 70 year old Eknath Tawde murdered by his son Prasad Tawde (Episode 444 on 12 Nov 2014)
A Hidden Agenda: Murder of a History Sheeter Vinod Chauhan (Episode 396, 397 on 19, 20 July 2014)
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