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Dhongi: Caterer Ashok Goyal exposed as a History Sheeter (Episode 525, 526 on 3rd, 4th July 2015)

The Imposter
Ashok Goyal is a caterer by profession with a friend in partnership. In a function, he falls in love with Kiran. He proposes her and after convincing Kiran's parents, both get to marry each other. Ashok tells them that he is all alone and has no family background. Kiran and her parents do not know anything about Ashok but they trust him, so this marriage happens.
Its been 6 months, they are living happily and Kiran is now four months pregnant. A night their doorbell rings. Kiran is shocked to see that it is a crime branch raid at their home. Crime Branch officials find a costly gun there. They arrest Ashok and tells Kiran that Ashok is a history-sheeter and police want to know why he bought this gun and what is his motive.

Azad Ansari aka Charls, Rinki Singhvi
Azad Ansari and Rinki Singhvi
Crime Branch officials also tell Kiran that Ashok left his home in his childhood and reached Mumbai. In childhood he committed his first crime but being a juvenile was released in three years. Since then he is continuously doing crimes with one of his friends whom he first met in the jail itself.

Ashok Goyal played by Azad Ansari aka Charles
Kiran play by Rinki Singhvi
Crime Branch Lead played by Kishwer Merchant

Part 1: The Imposter Part 1
Part 2: The Imposter Part 2

Part 1:
Part 2:

Here is the inside story of the case:
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