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Laava: Sisters Bharti and Neeta killed and thrown into Nullah (Episode 598, 599 on 25th, 26th December, 2015)

Young girl Bharti is about to get marry and her marriage got fixed with a businessman's son Ankit. Bharti's elder sister Neeta is staying at Bharti's home to help them in marriage preparation. A morning Bharti, Neeta and Neeta's daughter Mukti leaves for market and their father give them some handful amount for their shopping. Neeta also tells them that if she got delayed, they will stay at Neeta's home.
After three days police finds dead bodies of two women in a drain. Both the woman are wearing men clothes and bodies seems to be 3 days old. Police looks for all missing complaints during these three days. They give identification related advertisement too in the local news papers but noone comes to claim bodies. Postmortem report reveals that women were strangulated then thrown into drain
After three days a neighbor reaches Bhart-Neeta's home and shows a news paper ad to their parent. They are shocked because they were thinking that Bharti and Neeta would have gone to Neeta's home after shopping. Whole family goes into great trauma and when they reaches police station to claim body, police tell them that these bodies were getting decomposed fastly so they were forced to cremate them.

Part 1:
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Part 1:
Part 2:

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