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Crime Patrol | Daag: Usha Parikh's Son Raghuvesh goes missing and found murdered (Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 52 on 23rd December, 2015)

Neha Purohit is a young and modern girl who lives alone in a society and enjoys life. She recently got promoted as Team Leader so she is enjoying a party with her friends. They are dancing on very loud music.
A middle-aged woman and Neha's neighbor Usha Parikh want to become chairman of the society and for that, she wants her good image in the society. She collects some people and attacks on Neha and her friends. They drag them to the ground of society, beats them and put black ink on Neha's face.

After few days of the incident Usha's son Raghuvesh goes missing. While police starts searching for him, they finds a Nude Video clip of Neha which was shot by some unknown people while she was changing her cloth. On questioning Neha, she tells police that she is aware of the clip and because of this clip her marriage got broken.

Neha Purohit played by Annie Shekhon


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