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Crime Patrol | Glamour: Talanted and Beautiful model Sana goes missing (Crime Patrol Dial 100, Episode 70 on 13 January 2015)


Sana is a young and beautiful model by profession. She works with director Thakkar and they have physical relation also. A day Sana goes missing. Before she goes missing, she calls police from a PCO and tells them that her life is in threat and someone wants to kill her. She enters into Manor Villa and never returns from their.
Police starts searching for her and finds that she was in relation with Thakkar. They asks Thakkar about her but he is clueless. In search of Sana, Thakkar enters Manor Villa. He gets shocked to see that Sana is having physical relation with someone. At the same time someone attacks Thakkar and when police reaches there, they finds dead body of Thakkar.

Police is still clueless about Sana but now they has found Thakkar dead.
Sana played by Ruchika Rajput



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