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Crime Patrol | Male Assault: Auto Rickshaw driver Amar sexually assaulted by women duo (Crime Patrol Dial 100, Episode 111 on 15 March 2016)
Crime Patrol | Hadd: Married woman Prachi is getting harassed by a Stalker Prashant (Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 67 on 20 January 2016)
Crime Patrol | Glamour: Talanted and Beautiful model Sana goes missing (Crime Patrol Dial 100, Episode 70 on 13 January 2015)
Uljhan: Fake Unani doctor harasses and rapes woman for months (Episode 528, 529 on 10th, 11th July, 2015)
Darr: Rape accused killed after 12 year of the incident (Episode 495, 496 on 17th, 18th Apr 2015)
Crime Patrol | Parkstreet Kolkata Gang R@pe Case: Vicitim Suzette Jordan revealed her identity
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