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Crime Patrol | Hadd: Married woman Prachi is getting harassed by a Stalker Prashant (Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 67 on 20 January 2016)

Prachi is a married and working woman who is living alone in the city. A day she strikes with Prashant who is roadside Romeo kind of guy. Prashant starts stalking on her and starts following her where ever possible. After too much harassment from him, Prachi raises a police complaint against Prashant. Police suggest she not live alone so her friend Jayanti agrees to stay with her at her home.
A day Jayanti goes missing. Prachi gets a call from Jayanti's mother who is asking about Jayanti but Prachi has no clue about her. She gets scared of missing Jayanti. She tells police that Jayanti is missing but Jayanti comes back to her home the next morning and tells Prachi that she was in Lonavala for the day.
Prachi played by Jia Mustafa
The next day Prachi finds Jayanti is talking to Prashant. She has a fight with Jayanti, shouts at her that she conspires with Prashant. Angry Jayanti leaves Prachi's home immediately. Now police suggest Prachi take leave from her work and stay at some unknown place for few days where Prashant can not reach. Prachi agrees and shifts to an unknown place but after two days she is again shocked to see Prashant below her flat window. Now she screams at police officers that they disclosed her new location with Prashant.

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Part 1:
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