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Udaan: Highschool Student Rachna helped 10 year old Namita in her rescue from Brothel (Episode 677 on 1st July, 2016)

Rachna is an average student of hi-school. Her parents keeps shouting at her over her studies. These days Mumbai's climate is awesome and she likes to spend sometime sitting on her room's window. From last few days she is observing that a girl of her age comes to garden before her room's window, spends 30-35 mins there sitting alone and goes back. That girl does not talk to anyone and spends whole time all alone in the garden.
Ranchna is curious to know about her that where does she comes from and why she looks so alone! An evening shoe goes to meet her. She tells her name Namita and Rachna keeps meeting her for weeks. Finally an evening Namita tells her about her life that she belongs to Nasik and was sold to a woman names Farida by her own mother two years ago. Now she lives with Farida at her home and does flesh trade from her home. She was pushed to this work when she was a small kid. At that time Farida used to take commission from her mother Laxmi and two years before after her mother sold her, her mother started taking commission from Farida.

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Here is the inside story of the case
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