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Crime Patrol | Vivash: Farmer and a single mother Kokila found dead in village river (Crime Patrol Dial 100, Episode 204 on 19 July 2016)

A lady in the village finds dead body of a woman in the river. Body is lying in pool of blood in that river. Scared lady informs this to near by people and police comes to investigate. During investigation they finds a tractor in the same area where dead-body was found. On behalf of that tractor they tracks records and find that this tractor is registered on the name of Kokila Shah.
Police reach on registered address with a photo of deceased and two kids Dhairya and Shwani confirms that this is their mother's photo. Their neighbors also confirm that photos are matching with Kokila. They tell police that Kokila was new in the village who left her in-laws home in another village after her husband's death. On behalf of his jewelry, she bought land and farm to survive. Her other interest was to study and she also used to go to school for this.
Dolphin Dubey


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