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Saazish: Girl implicates charges of rape and blackmailing on her husband and friend (Case 10 on 30, 31 March, 2019)
Latur Garbhapat Scandal: Police finds multiple fetus in garbage (Dial 100 Episode 314 on 30th November, 2016)
Khafa: Karan Solanki killed by two unknown person (Episode 692 on 5th Aug, 2016)
Kinaara: Mukti and her Ex-lover Raunak planned to eliminate Mukti's husband Bhavesh (Episode 693 on 6th Aug, 2016)
Vivash: Farmer and a single mother Kokila found dead in village river (Crime Patrol Dial 100, Episode 204 on 19th July, 2016)
Haivaniyat: Housewife Jalpaa's suicide case turns to murder (Crime Patrol Dial 100, Episode 40 on 9th December, 2015)
A Hidden Agenda: Murder of a History Sheeter Vinod Chauhan (Episode 396, 397 on 19, 20 July 2014)
The Last Act: Heart-Wrenching story of a senior citizen Ramesh Parikh (Episode 338 on 8th Feb 2014)
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