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Crime Patrol | Sudhartit: Anurag Pradhan poisoned to death by an stranger (Episode 713 on 23 September 2016)

Anurag Pradhan, a software engineer, is an avid motorcyclist. He resides in an apartment with two other flatmates who are not particularly close to him but simply share a living space. One day, a disagreement arose between Anurag and his roommate​ ​​Bhushan ​regarding a mobile phone charger.
Anurag has not been to work for the past two days and his colleagues and boss have been trying to reach him but to no avail. His office sends someone to check on him at his apartment. The person meets with Anurag's roommates, but they are unable to provide any information as they work night shifts and rarely see each other. When they attempt to contact Anurag in his room, there is no response, and upon opening the door, they discover Anurag's lifeless body.

The police investigation reveals that Anurag died from poisoning. It is also discovered that the murderer stole Anurag's expensive motorcycle.
अनुराग प्रधान को बाइक्स का शौक है। वो अपने दो रूममेट के साथ एक ही फ्लैट में रहता है और बाकी दोनों रूममेट से उसकी कोई ख़ास जान पहचान नहीं है। एक दिन अपने एक रूममेट से उसका मोबाइल चार्जर को लेकर झगड़ा भी होता है।

अनुराग दो दिन से ऑफिस नहीं गया है। उसके ऑफिस वाले उसका फ़ोन लगा रहे हैं मगर वो उठा नहीं रहा है। उनके ऑफिस का एक कर्मचारी उसके फ्लैट पे भेजा जाता है वो अनुराग का पता लगा कर आये। वो पहुच कर उसके बाकी दोनों रूममेट से मिलता है मगर वो लोग कहते हैं की अनुराग की नौकरी दिन की है जबकि उनदोनो की रात की तो वो लोग ध्यान नहीं देते हैं की अनुराग कब आया और कब गया मगर वो लोग जब अनुराग के कमरे को खोलते हैं तो अनुराग की लाश पाते हैं।

पुलिस की छानबीन से पता चलता है की अनुराग की हत्या ज़हर देने से हुई है और जिस किसी ने भी ये हत्या की है वो हत्या के बाद अनुराग की बाइक चुरा कर ले गया जो की बहुत महंगी थी।



Based on a real incident of Bangalore.
The body of Sohan Haldar, an engineer employed at tech company ATOS India, was discovered in his apartment on August 5 by his coworkers after he failed to show up for work for three consecutive days. Initially, the police believed that his death was due to natural causes as there were no visible marks on his body. However, further investigation has revealed that he passed away from cyanide poisoning. The police have taken into custody Karthik Daulath, a 30-year-old unemployed individual, who had approached Haldar as a potential buyer for a motorcycle that Haldar had listed for sale on an online platform.

Here is the full inside story of the case:
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